Amaka Ijeomah believes that there is power in words, so she uses her spoken word poetry as an empowerment and enlightening tool.

a lot of personalities are rising today as “poets/spoken word acts”. There seems to be a clarity that people still seek to define in it but Art is a gift that can be felt and expressed, so She (Amaka) speaks. Life is only but for a moment, so She speaks, Love is for eternity and this is why She speaks..
Amaka is a graduate and a B. Sc holder in the discipline of Education and Political Science from the cradle of “Great Ife” (Obafemi Awolowo University) with a passion for art since her “teen years”..
Amaka has been involved in music while growing up as well as playing the roles of a compere, presenter and speaker at several occasions..

Amaka seeks to positively influence a generation of timid and shy souls who have battled/are battling with self confidence and inferiority complex through her written poetry and spoken word..with performances within and outside her local church assembly, Amaka has a voice that must be heard through out the world..